Meet Your Farmer

Welcome to Townsend Farms!

Who We Are:  We grow our fresh produce on our Family Farm in Aztec, NM.  Our Farm was establish in the early 1970's and for many years it was operated as a alfalfa growing operation and before that it was where my Mom & Dad, (Jimmy & Victoria Townsend) would over winter their cattle.  The farm is now operated by their daughter, Cheryl Townsend-Woods and husband, Jim Woods.  In 2015 we began converting the alfalfa fields into produce production.


Growing Methods:  Almost all of our growing area in under "Conservation Growing Methods".  We grow using a drip irrigation system for water conservation.  Water is placed directly at the plant and no waste water is produced in the irrigation system.  Our plants thrive with this practice.

Food Quality:  Delivering our customer's the highest quality fresh produce is paramount to our operation.  We harvest every single day for our Farm Stand.  We start at 6:00 o'clock in the morning and everything is picked fresh daily for the Farm Stand.  When our Farm Stand opens at 10:00am what you will find is produce that literally just came out of the plant.  The quality and freshness of our produce is unbeatable.

Stop by and meet your Farmer's!!!